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 live LAGOM :


IKEA UK wanted to spread the message that doing 'just enough' will help to save the planet

The challenge: 

IKEA UK conducted an experiment with selected customers to prove that small changes can have a big impact on the planet’s sustainability. It was called LAGOM - or ‘just enough’. The idea being that you don’t have to move mountains, but do ‘just enough’. And they wanted to spread the message.


The solution: 

We produced a stunningly visual and practical brochure filled with stories about how the ‘Lagomers’ reduced their waste, water and electricity usage through IKEA products and small changes to the everyday. It was available in store and online.


The results: 

IKEA UK used the brochure as a tool for selling the experiment into IKEA’s global team. And it worked. live LAGOM is now going international.

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