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In a fast-paced sea of digital 'noise', Print Power is a campaign that champions print as a highly creative channel


The challenge: 

In a fast-paced sea of digital ‘noise’, the Print Power campaign had to champion print as a highly creative channel. And that put simply, cuts through the bulls*t and really packs a punch in the advertising campaign mix.


The solution: 

Rock Media produced engaging content which demonstrated some of the industry’s most innovative print campaigns. And successfully conveyed that print delivers long-term, effective results.


The results: 

As a result, we were commissioned to produce a suite of digital and printed marketing solutions, including online case studies, expert interviews, email and social campaigns along with printed booklets.

What our client said:

'Katy and Donna are an incredible team. The creative and editorial skills that they have and the rich network of creatives they can utilise is a powerful thing. They understand what is required and always deliver.' Ulbe Jelluma, Managing Director, Print Power

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